Saturday, March 21, 2009

When I realized I was a Grown-Up, Or Have I?

This is a really tough one. It is not when I dragged on my first cigarette or swigged on my first bottle of beer. It does not have anything to do with sex. It could be when I started telling my pop about his parenting mistakes. It may also be when I managed to hold down a committed relationship. It could be when I shipped my life out of home and found a place of my own.


  1. interesting ponderings...
    I don't think growing up has anything to do with sex, cigarettes etc. like you said..actually kids can do that.. :-S Not to mention, people of 35 can still be very immature..
    I'm still learning new things every day that knocks into my head "wow! - I'm a grown up now" haha :-)I think though, one is quite grown up when managing to live on your own successfully. I guess it depends on definition of grown up, Nana. I believe we actually continue learning and growing until we die. My grandmother of 92 still tells me she recently learnt some powerful lessons.

  2. Yes to all you have written, Adaeze, hence the title. I think it is even safe to say we're never really grown up.


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