Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shoe Dazzle & Other Random Questions

Is Shoedazzle really that fabulous?
Why are all Popes condom-rebellious?
Why are they mad about strikes in France?
Are we all ending the Obama romance?


  1. What's shoe dazzle?

  2. A brand. Why not google it?

  3. Yes, WHY are all popes condom rebellious. They need to grow up! lol

  4. Yeah, the Popes don't know what time it is. They still think it's those days when they has political power in/over Europe.

  5. @ NY & Adaeze,
    I really stand on the other side of this debate.
    The pope is right in saying that the rubber is not the panacea for dealing with the dread of HIV/AIDS.
    A change in lifestyle is the best shot.No?
    I appears to me that putting one's fate in the trust of a wiggly condom is pretty scary expecially when we are dealing with societies where sleeping with multiple concurrent partners is the accepted norm.
    B.A.I.M, he has no law-enforcement powers behind him so what he says is really an idea for us to realistically ponder on rather than a command for all mankind. No?
    Blessv !!

  6. I see the moral logic in your argument, Posekyere, but I will stick to my side of the debate. Is the Pope's name Benedict or Hector!!? lol

  7. changing your life style instead of using condoms is useless when you are already infected.... even if you decide to settle down with ONE partner and be faithful, you have to use a condom to protect this one, no?

  8. Oh yes, Yngvild. That about wraps up the debate, no?

  9. No Nana, I need to add my own, lol.
    I completely see your point Posekyere - I am an idealist but also a realist and theres two points in this matter; one of them is what Yngvild mentioned. The ones who are already infected needs to stay protected to stop the HIV/Aids from spreading. Secondly, no matter how much we preach and WANT people to abstain from having sex/multiple partners the reality is that unfortunately some people are never going to change. What do we do about them?
    The most important thing is to stop HIV/Aids from killing entire generations of people. Don't get me wrong I am a very "decent" girl myself and I am disgusted by people who have multiple partners but it's been like that since the crack of dawn, some people you just can't stop no matter how much you preach. In my personal opinion the Popes should encourage abstinence but also the use of condoms. We have clear evidence that the former approach isn't working.


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