Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Need

Craving your airy essence
In the stillness of last night
I lavished six squirts
Of your fancy, fresh fragrance
Onto the soft, virgin pillow
On your vacant side of the bed
I drifted to the verge
Of where you’ve lain luscious before
And savoured six senses
Of your virtual body and soul

[P.S. Last night, an old feeling I'd not felt in ages, overwhelmed me, and would not let me sleep. A poem in me, inspired by strong emotion, wanted out. This is what I got. I really liked writing it, and I hope the person I wrote it for would relish it just as much].


  1. Gees NY,

    Talk about the meditations of the reminiscing heart.
    This surely must be a letter from one heart to another. No?
    We are only privileged to be witnesses of a pulsating episode begging to re-ignite.

  2. Would you get married to this woman, already!??! :D

  3. Thanks, Posekyere. Words from one heart to another, yes!

  4. Pardon, Yngvild? Are you getting religious on me (the persona?)

  5. Adaeze, it's just a love poem I wrote on a night I was missing somebody so badly.

  6. Marriage is the answer to the "vacant side"!:-)

  7. Then marry I day (lol)

  8. Have you seen a strange thing on my blog, Yngvild?

  9. no fear, taking time for marriage is great I think it is a signal of wisdom :-)


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