Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama's Special Olympics & Other Random Questions

Will Obama bowl in the Special Olympics?
Will Spring 08 change global politics?
Is Google freeloading on Eric Carle?
Shall we call the US lawmaker "Darl"?


  1. I love this new theme of yours, Nana. Which US lawmaker though, or are we speaking plural? :)

  2. Thanks, Adaeze. We're referring to all US lawmakers as ONE body, and loving them for clipping the wings of Corporate America (i.e. the bonus tax issue).

  3. what did they do? forgive me for not being updated i havent read anything concerning politics or news for the past week living my life in my bubble :-D

  4. Adaeze, I was giving the lawmakers props for legislating to levy a 90% tax on all bonus paid to execs of bailed-out companies, where the amount paid as bonus exceeds $250,000.

  5. thanks for enlightening me. That deserves props! Major props! I live for all these moments where one realises things can turn to the better and greed is not the only thing ruling this world. Sometimes the good people win :-)


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