Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mof Touch

Cally and I were getting an emergency haircut at “B Fine” Saloon, near the Red Lobster Restaurant, in kiosk-cramped Madina. The Barber (I forget his name) was a cool kind of guy who was trying to be “one of us”. When Cally was done and came out with a shiny, clear, coconut, Barber asked Cally if he would like the “MOF TOUCH”. In Ghanaian Pidgin English, Mof = Mouth. His English is patently self-taught. I laughed so hard that the end-to-end mirror began to rattle. I did not have the heart to tell him he really meant to say MOUSTACHE.


  1. MoF Touch paa?
    What was the reaction of Cally?

  2. He winked at me, stifled his snickering and got his MOF TOUCH!

  3. hehe nice one Nana Yaw

  4. Nii Saki, thanks. Will take a look at your blog soon.


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