Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I Could Tame a Wild Animal

It would have to be my uncivilised hair. Too many girls have asked me why my hair is not "Dada B" (= soft and beautiful). These days, it's easy for me to tell them that my unsightly grown hair is caused by a life so far of bad food. The wild animal I'd like to tame is my hair.

But, then again, a panther is not unthinkable too!


  1. just keep it! i'm sure if you make them see more of it they would sooner get to loving it!

    it's sometimes a play on the mind!

    i don't have "Dada B" hair myself and i have a particular babe who keeps bothering me whenever my beard grows a lil to her dislike!

    and she's so stubborn she has not grown to love it yet! i'm still trying! hehehehe!

  2. Nov, I may just sprout a baby 'fro this year!

  3. Geez NY,
    Please no Afro baby or otherwise.
    Keep it downright down!
    My hair has the tendency to get messy pretty fast, so I get it trimmed once every other week.
    The barber is pretty happy with that arrangement as it keeps him smiling all the way to the bank.

  4. I'll listen to wise counsel, Posekyere. I'll get a haircut today.

  5. nothing wrong with a fro?
    but I don't like men with too much beard unless they're old. Food gets stuck in it.

  6. Lol, Adz, I am growing just a cranial fro!


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