Friday, March 27, 2009

I Demand ...

So that barbers, tailors, mechanics and clerks would arrive at the agreed time and do some darn work!

So my partner cannot cheat on me simply because they can.

36 hours a day
So that I can spend the extra 8 sleeping (it's the only sleep I will get).

Creativity Opportunities
So that I can finally live the life I want, doing what really makes me happy!

Clear Signs
So that I know you put me above the competition, and do not offer the competition what you offer me.

An Extra Day
So that we can have a 3-day weekend.

A Pay Rise
So that I can justify waking up from bed, to myself!

No-Dogs-Allowed Signs Everywhere
In all the places I go. I just thought you should all know that I loathe canines.

Clearer (not necessarily stricter) Immigration Rules
So that we know who's legally here!

How is a person supposed to live on only one job in Ghana?

Many More Things Than I have Stated Here
Because we should never stop at trying to get better!


  1. Oh My I absolutely LOVE this post Nana. Great, great great it's like u took my thoughts out of my head. The 36 hour day! Yes! I feel you on every single point.
    But you get a slap on the hand for saying you loathe canines. I was so enjoying that read until that point, lol. Awww how can you use such a word as "loathe" its so strong! I want to go home and hug my dog right now for you hating on him. My sweetest friend who's always happy to see me and looks at me with beautiful eyes whenever I am sad. Who understands me and my routines without disturbing me or talking to me. Who gives me total peace when I need it and does whatever I tell him to do, lol . One of Gods many beautiful creatures who unfortunately acts like beasts when they're treated as beasts...Nana, reading all your poems I know you have a beautiful mind, too beautiful to be loathing any creature. Pretty please? :-D
    Anyway I want to thank you for all the other points they were great you should make a petition and get millions of people to sign, lol. Just leave the canine thing out. If not i'll boycot :-P

  2. Adaeze, thanks. And your criticism on "I loathe..." is fair. I stand corrected. I do not loathe canines. I love them as part of God's perfect creation. :-) In fact, there's nothing in the natural world that I loathe.

  3. Well done o! I feel relieved. Next challange is buy a dog and keep it as a pet. Ok I guess that is far fetched. I'm in a joking mood today. I hope you have a great weekend :-)

  4. Thanks, Adaeze, for all the attention today.

  5. i wonder if punctuality is very important to some people...
    openness will not be a reason for partners to cheat..they will cheat anyway if they want to..
    36 hours a day...sound good but then again it will make no difference..i think it will make a day too long and the week extended...
    Absolutely, a 3 day weekend will be great but hon, we don't get all we piece though...

  6. I may just begin a global campaign for an 8-day week and a 3-day weekend.

  7. interesting Nana,
    how's a person supposed to live on only one job in Ghana (and i add: genuinely and add too how many people???)

    and oh... you really 'accidentally' hit that spot of Adaeze i see! i don't loathe nature too though some could be scary and unfriendly but I CENTAINLY LOVE PUSSY-CATS (not kittens!) more than canines!

  8. Amen!!! Adaeze, the dogs in GHANA should be forbidden everywhere, they are scary ...

  9. Novisi, thanks for supporting my campaign to free up peeps to keep multiple jobs :-)

  10. Thats what Im talking about. Nana, no need to be pacific - I loathe canines too. Ha! Great stuff.

  11. Thanks for thinking it is great!

  12. ok David, be real...36 more hrs in a day simple means 8 more hrs for you to do "work" and an extra day in the weekend....hmmm whats the point? you will only adapt your work week to include that extra day. (8 working days!!)Now about "creative opportunity" who are you kidding? you CAN live the life you want NOW doing what YOU want to do NOW! just gotta do it man...make it happen. NDD


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