Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riding on the Middle Line

Death-defying motorcyclists creating an arrogant aisle between the regulation lanes. They overtake your tarrying car or ‘takeover’ your phone without your permission. Today, I saw a car skid and slug two riders on a bike behind me. They took a spill off their wheels; the bike slammed into my innocent rear bumper, the riders flopped heavily on my boot. I darted out to make sure there was no bump or blood on my car. It was only a little dent – no bigger than the size of the riders' combined brains. As I sat back in (it took all of forty seconds) people were carrying ‘twisted legs’ off the street. Will they stay in line next time?


  1. ...at least none of the "twisted legs" were yours. Thank God.

  2. Nana,
    you paint the picture!

    i read the photo and i just realise that sometimes it's difficult to feel any sympathy for such who clearly must know better to avoid having their legs getting twisted by their own doing...

    but would others learn???

  3. Exactamente, amigo.Es la vida.


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