Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pool Parties in the City of Accra

I haven’t been to any yet (oh, won’t somebody invite me next time) so I speak only to toothsome tableaux and savoury polaroids I have sneak-reviewed. Seeing that there is hardly a body or ripple in the luscious eye of the pool, why do you christen the evening a pool party? Is it because of your liquid flirtations next to one? Or are you just extravagantly excited at the excuse (a water body nearby) to serve healthy portions of unwrapped eye candy which you would probably not at high noon in Central Accra, at the Golden Tulip or even in your Dzorwulu or Adenta neighbourhood streets?


  1. Hehehe! Reminds me of when a guy I know was organising a Christmas pool party in East Legon and lamented that it seemed that nobody ever got into the pool at such parties. So his solution was to go to the University of Ghana and find some girls to pay to slink around the pool in bikinis. I think the idea was to entice some of the menfolk into the water. In the end, he was unable to find anyone willing. Why? He had forgotten that you cannot mess with a black woman and her hair at the hottest party of the year where she has to look good all night long!

  2. Nana, when you get the call up... just remember to give me what they call a 'back-pass'...

    the sound of pool and party put together tickles some senses for sure...

    some even call some bikini party... that should be some icing!!


  3. So, Abena, it's all about the hair, huh?

  4. Novisi, just in case relevant person sees this comment (after reading yours) I am now asking for 4 invites for us, cool?

  5. @Abena, not all black women, specially not the ones with natural hair. If i could swim, i'd be happy to jump in and make a raucus!

  6. Nana Yaw,
    Your response to Abena's comment is indicative of a serious learning curve!
    Pretense is the name of the game.
    The desire to 'measure' both mentally and visually the anatomy of the genders, it seems, in many ways is the raison d'etre of most of the puzzles around us.
    The opportunity to veiw the unwrapped gifts is not the time to stir the still waters.

  7. Thanks, Posekyere.Wouldn't you say the unwrapped gifts of nature can be savoured with senses other than visual right in the pool>

  8. I take that back; I should have added that it is not only about the hair. From what I have seen, "looking good" for the Ghana lady may also include the layers of make-up that took hours to apply and the carefully selected ward-robe.

    Esi, glad to hear that there are free-spirited ladies out there!


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