Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Questions

Will Santa come this year?
Will Rudolph remain the Alpha reindeer?
Are Mills and Nana Addo sincere?
Are teenage boys drinking beer?


  1. Santa will definitely come to my friends and loved ones considering I'm broke...

    As Mills and Addo are politicians, how sincere can they be?

    YES teenage boys are drinking beer. PLeeenty.

    Reindeer stuff I dont know. All i know is that around here we have suicide reindeer that throw themselves in front of cars so that their herders will get back from their insurance companies.

    This was a lot of nkwasiasem..

  2. Your comment made sense or should be blamed on my post, in any case. My post was the nkwasiasem. :-)

  3. will santa come this year? I don't know... not even on my mind...used to be when i was a i'm all grown...hehehehehe

    Rudolph? maybe!

    Mills and Nana Addo? yes they are politicians like everyone one of the us true!(including those of us who are oblivious of it)...they are human beings most of all...and i can say one thing...
    that there is definitely a difference in level of sincerity...(the word is 'sincere'!) that! and on the streets and in the kitchen and in the bedroom, everywhere, Ghanaians know who! whisper it...and even die-hards will confess...

    teenage boys and even gals are boozing like water... am i missing out?


  4. Santa is not coming this year because he realised we have not been good...

    Both Mills and Addo have not been sincere...that one i know for sure

    and YES, teenage boys are drinking lots of beer

    Definitely, Rudolph will remain the Alpha reindeer!

  5. Well, Nov, I do not know how much sincerity a man can have when he is only repeating the 'party line'. Honest.

  6. Well, Anon, I do not believe we have been any worse than any other year in the past. Therefore, I think Santa will come this year, in one form or another.


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