Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - A View from Ghana

One the first day of Chrismas etc etc my true love gave to me:

A multi-coloured piece of Kente cloth
2 Ayigbe toffees
3 wicker baskets
4 Kafugbe Cockers
5 gold rings
6 bead bracelets
7 raffia mats
8 Ahenema sandals
9 Fontomfrom drummers
10 Kpanlogo dancers
11 Wood carvings
12 Apoto'yowas ;-)

and a multi-coloured piece of Kente cloth!


  1. Hey Nana Yaw,

    Record this carol and post it on your blog.
    It really will bring out the authentic Ghanaian spirit of Christmas to all the readers.

  2. And here I was thinking you would have said:
    1 country
    2 contenders
    3 conspiracy theories
    and words to that effect! :-)After all it's the season to be polling isn't it?
    I agree with Posekyere - it's a nice Ghanaian Christmas carol!

  3. About country, contenders and conspiracy theories, I feel that most people are tired of politics. Thanks, Denise, for agreeing about the Christmas carol thing.

  4. 12 Apoto'yowas??? If this is what I think it is, you expect alot of cooking this xmas. :-) Nice twist, nice idea. :)

  5. Hmm, Yngvild, it's silly season for me, right?

  6. Hi there,

    This is fantastic!!

    Thanks for sharing!



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