Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post-Obama Epiphany

I’m not the only one to realise this swelling response. But while some gushed and gurgled in red-and-ready waterfalls, my epiphany evolved and sauntered from Normal Life to Hibernation to Mental Ovulation. And, here I am!

The answer is direct and unvarnished at the end of the experience. I am who I am; I must be! And I must breathe down the neck of my dream(s) – the thing(s) that make me jaunty and lightsome. The dreams that will make me happiest, in proud pursuit, are the ones with which I drove dull care away as a tender child.


  1. Nana,

    This piece of your mind is a summary of the purest form of the motivations and persuasions that guide and propel the most well-grounded amongst us.

    Life must be lived!

  2. Purest form of ... motivations..., most well-grounded...

    Thanks for your kind words, Posekyere. They have removed a certain cloud of doubt from my mind.

  3. you are Nana, you will always be...


  4. Spirit, Nov! Thanks for your words.


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