Friday, November 7, 2008

Itching Palm

I can hardly wait
to caress, at my gate
tonight, the moment that's played
on my mind for days, and then always delayed!


  1. Itching = scratching

  2. Thanks, Anon, whatever that means :-)

  3. And Im "locked up" in Gauteng, when i could be greasing my palms with u in Greater Accra

  4. Kiz man,

    After I 'grease my palm' my grease partner and I will visit your grease partner whose lil bro is visiting on midterm.

    I know my cipher is poor. Lol.

    Knock em dead from Pretoria to Jo'burg.

  5. sounds interesting.
    the ending rhymes...sweet!

  6. 3 days without a post - im starting to get worried! :-)

  7. Well, Yngvild, hakuna matata. There was good reason. While I am experiencing strong passions or a fast-paced life, I can hardly stop to write :-). This weekend was a combo of both.

  8. itchy palms? its been like a week keep us updated were u dissapointed again or it lived up to....... lol i enjoyed da breakfast tnx cuz

  9. Cousin David, the moment that had played on my mind for days played in my life that night, right from the gate. You like? Lol


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