Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Pips Come Next

I was panning out for the circus from the driving window as one does in another town, and I saw a woman shuffling her heavy feet on the squalid sidewalk. I discovered that what I mistook for tics in her face was a habitual case of bellicose chewing. Her hands come up, and I see she’s gnawing at an orange. I’m thinking that something is struggling for egress, because she puckers her lips into the spout that goes before a squirt. She folds her lips long again, ruminating for her life! Some liquids spews out, and I know the pips come next. As my peripheral vision whizzes on, she ejects the seeds one by one! Right on the street!


  1. Great description, it gave me a very vivid mental image that induced an inner "ewww"

  2. In my humble opinion (and is it really humble?) I truly believe that you possess an instinctive gift (or knack, if you will)for reaching into the heart of a scene and projecting it as it truly is... stripped of the embellishments of society's hypocrisy! I am awed!

  3. Thanks, Udeisa. I think the purpose of writing is to project reality or fantasy in a way that is pure, clear and imaginative.


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