Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Will distance kill the flame
That flickered from pole to pole
And came to wax at home
Where it found a brighter light?

Can time delete the thought
That warmed to tender touch
And grew from great respect
To where it reached the skies?

Did hearts as deep as ours
Diffuse in world or realm
And flutter everyday
To create new shades of love?

Would being at your side, my Love
Would it make you fonder still
Or would my good guess still be good
That you’ll be always mine, anyway?


  1. i like...
    raises a fundamental question: "Will distance kill the flame" as the first line poses.

    and there is the drawing-in of time which also relates so well with distance (space)

    and the guess...can we count on it? i dunno...

    Nana, i've missed a bit of your bloggs...would see how i play catch up...nice read...

  2. About Distance in time and space, that is the motif of the poem. Yes, Novisi, stick around more, now. And waiting to read more of yours too.


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