Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Eating in the Bathroom

The dashing artist was perplexed aplenty. Were his uber-skilled hands so beslimed, nay, begrimed? He shot back in his chair, and threw the woolgathering waiter a corner-eye dart. Was the tongs-wielder trying to scald him?

Our friend had asked us to dinner in a Chinese restaurant – her birthday (at thirty, she’s as lovely as a lily). Her happy, little crowd was lawyers, bankers and in-the-process-of-becoming-self-made people. She’d brought the artist along for the outrĂ© appeal.

When the steaming, tiny, white towels made their wont appearance, the manicure-haired artist was alarmingly out of it as to what to do with them, until he saw us take them in our own un-artistic hands. Kiz and I thought it so cute, after calming down from the stitches!


  1. I once saw a bald(ish) man use it on his face and head! I have carried disposable moist wipes with me since then.

  2. No kidding! But I don't think the wipes would be needed, cause the towels come steaming, no?

  3. Think of it this way, if i gave you my steaming face towel to use on your hands before eating, will you use it?:-)... Anor exp, I used the bathroom in a chinese reataurant once and the hand towel there was the same shape and size as those "served" earlier. Steam or no steam...chale...nah. Lol. Ps. I don't mean to scare you though...its just my little thing i do.

  4. I'm already scared, man. But it's good to know. I am not that crazy about Chinese, and I do not go there often.


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