Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Love Bores into My Very Being

Over the past few weeks, a refreshing and catchy love song has aired over TV. It did not win my musical soul from the start; but repeated play has made it bloom brightly on my mind. And, now, I look out long for it every night. Its title is ‘Odo Pa’ (True Love), and it is sung by Kofi Tanoh whose sin and suicide in not picking out a performance name can never be explained to me. Plus, he looks a bit too knobbed and knotted, ribbed and rugged, to be cooing love words while his poker face remains unchanged throughout the video clip. He features another, K Twum (alias Rasta). It is rather Rasta who appears to be swinging some wicked amusement, but the song comes across as older, richer and more mature than him. Especially devastating to any resistance I may have had to this song is the nonce word at the end of the second refrain, ‘Wo do n’ako me gedem’ (Your love has pierced / penetrated / arrested my very ... ‘gedem’ can only mean something like being or soul.


  1. "Gedem" may well refer to an unspecified part of the human anatomy

  2. i've seen the video...

    and i've seen a lot more nicer musicals...Amandzeba's 'bra' is to be mentioned- the way he sings the painting almost...that's a classic...

    and i've seen very bad ones too...Praye's "i and my shody are one" comes to mind...that video shows loads of contradictions! but hey pple luv the rhyme too much (blind art i guess!)...

    but this one, I've not really been attracted to it...but I guess it's a cool off from what all the 'sudden hip-hopers' are churning out!


  3. Yes, Kiz, I was privately afraid it might refer to just that!

  4. I understand you Novisi. This song has really not grown on me because of the videa. It is the song itself that's becoming a 'habit'.


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