Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Talent Tizzy in the City of Accra

Shall we honour it the bounty of an economy now light of heel that T.V. is turning out talent finds everywhere? I do not fancy that the talent fund in the City of Accra is swelling or that it will ever wax or wane. It is the avenues to descry and hone the fine faculties that ring the changes, no? It may well be a direct answer to the hoggishness of producers to come out with money acts, for most of the talent hunts stalk only musical or football talent. I nurse a funny little idea that two out of every three young persons in the City of Accra think they’re an undiscovered diva or lion. But it is not too bad, as there appears no intention of the city’s rich and powerful to share a bit of the mainstream money. And I would rather have barely-gifted, tooth-skin surviving performers than red-eye desperate hard broke.


  1. Nana, have you not noticed that to have talent in Ghana you have to be a footballer or singer? What happened to Art,Poetry or other sport. Besides I havent seen any one really progressing from these talent shows but as you stated it gives some of the youth something to hold on to.
    P.S - I've been M.I.A from blogville for a bit but I havent forgotten about you and your lady friend/abusua..LOl..I know I am not the only one waiting for an update! :-)

  2. HiiiiiiiiiiiCoffie, missed you here. Yes,you're right about the restriction in talent.

    About my 'friend' maybe there'll be an update in a week. We're ratcheting it up to crunch time very soon!


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