Sunday, August 17, 2008

Confusion Twice Confounded in the City of Accra

They stand like sentinels at the skirts of the streets burgeoning higgledy-piggledy from shrimp size to big-as-a-house. They stunt, check and colour out the red, white and blue regular road signs. You’d be pardoned for confounding that the City of Accra had dada place names like ‘Dressed Chicken for Sale’, ‘Local Brown Rice’, ‘Moringa Sold Here’ and ‘Great Provider Furniture Works’,

Don’t get me wrong – the signs are helpful if your car would crab-crawl at that awkward spot, or if you were taking the air on foot. But, at 60 kph, when the boards flash just a quick blip in your sight, the advertising principle is crowded out. Besides, if you aren’t lost, or are simply sight-seeing, the pesky collection simply gangrenes the scene.

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