Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As I was about to leave home early this afternoon, a black VW Golf 4 wheeled past with two ladies in it. They boomed their music so loud that it heaved the carpet of dust on the street into the air in tune with the beat. Something must have been disquieting about their style because the metal grille across a drain leapt up to bite the right rear tyre into shreds. It took the rompers longer than present narrator to hear the tugging tyre over the stadium sound, so they only came to a stop four blocks away. Now, I ordinarily would zip over to help damsels in distress, especially as one bounced gigantic jolly jugs in front of her. But I felt just like the barbaric grille, so I allowed my genteel graces to hide in the gutter. Two ladies all dressed up with somewhere to go to would not lift a fingernail after taking a gas cylinder out of the trunk. It was rare riotous to hear them trying hard to outmanoeuvre each other by pretending not to know that the frigging black pneumatic that lay fastened before their eyes was the spare tyre. As Maxine and I drove slowly past, I caught the man, who was school-boy eager to help them, addressing his questions to the chest level of things.


  1. Is it real or its just me...there seems to me a VW Golf Syndrome in Ghana - Ghanaians are socialized (regretably) to think the VW Golf is the fastest car on earth. So almost everyone who drives one tends to overspeed to live up to that dubious acclaim.
    Nana, I bet the man was singing to himself:
    "Danger invites rescue
    The cry of distress is the summons to relief
    Today is pay-day and I'll get paid in chest-level-full-blossom-kind!"

  2. Visit A friend of mine. She's pretty interesting.

  3. You did the right thing :)

  4. Kiz, about the VW Golf, I've noticed it too! Wow, didn't know I was not the only one! About the man singing to himself, wonder if such pay is any that anybody would want.

  5. Yes, Yngvild, I am happy I got that right.


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