Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ode to Myself OR to the One I've Lately Come to Like

O how quiet the world becomes
And so clearly every thought throbs
The last clever word you said
Last time we met
The parked Camry you sat on
Your smooth, tight jeans
The little, short sneezes
In the light evening air
Delicious, faint fragrance swirling in my head
O how breathless the moment grows!
So soft and sharply, strikes every pulse.


  1. Is this an ode to yourself or to someone you've recently said goodbye to?

  2. A rolled-up question, Maya. It is what the title says it is. Partly an ode to myself (I love me) and partly what the second part says... or not! :-)

  3. Anonymous18 June, 2008

    It seems to be more of the latter,or at least I hope so..the jeans part gives it away, I think, unless you love YOUR skin tight jeans that much ;-).lol. Once again Nana this is lovely....Serwah

  4. Serwah doesn't miss a trick. I was just saying to Maya that it was partly an ode to me and partly to somebody else (fictional or real). But the part about a woman is not about a goodbye (as Maya was saying) but a welcome! :-)

  5. Anonymous20 June, 2008

    Nana why would you write an ode to yourself or to some fictional woman. the person has got to be real no? this is the least you can do to your readers. Kordai.

  6. Poetic Licence: The freedom to change facts, the normal rules of language, etc. in a special piece of writing or speech in order to achieve a particular effect.

    Since Kordai chooses to probe further... I chose poetic licence to mix decoys, fiction and the real-life personalities of many women "in my life" to create this piece.

    It feels like a mixed masala, jig saw puzzle, mosaic to me.

  7. Anonymous20 June, 2008

    Specific details, Nana, Camry, tight jeans, short sneezes. They kind of point to ONE real life person. Admit or deny...

  8. The little extra detail of whether it is fact or fiction. What would we all do with it? Does the poem change in any way if I wrote it for a real person(s) rather than for somebody who lives on my mind?


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