Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Fridge Raider

she rained on my house,
with no gathering clouds,
not stirring the slightest wind.
she swept into the kitchen,
swinging her big and puffy bag.
she said she was inspecting,
and needlessly shouted questions
at me in the living room.
when the sky cleared,
and left the kitchen quiet,
and she was gone,
my fridge had walked out in her bag.
my filching cousin!


  1. Kordai, you asked me if I was that territorial about my fridge to my guests. The answer is no. My guests can ravish and rape my fridge and it does not matter if they are doing it in my house. But if they clandestinely empty it into their bags to consume at their homes, my fridge becomes a supermarket and the purpose of the visit subject to suspicion.

  2. Ooouch! Sounds like she came purposely to raid.

  3. I'd say, Kiz. She's not getting another invite to my house.

  4. Maya, believe it, the story is true. And the incident you hinted at happened after the raid!

  5. hahahahahaha...

    tis one interesting bit...

    but i guess spilling it out into this piece just does the poet some healing...

    if it doesn't hurt more it sure would make u laugh it out painfully!

    peace one!

  6. Anonymous17 June, 2008

    N.Y i think i get the difference now...... but she is still family. aren't family members allowed to get away with such things normally once the privilege is not abused?lovely piece though. very well written. Kordai

  7. Kordai, there is nothing "normal" about what my coz did! When you take quietly out of the owner's sight, you have abused! Simple, no? Thanks for saying it was beautifully written. Maybe I should embrace poetry back as a staple for me.


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