Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mystery Mores - Poetry

there is something
i have done,
i could never let anyone know.
might shock your blameless mind,
and send you to hypocritical highs.
a deep regret for doing
it at all,
soaks my soul
for thirty dark daily seconds.
but not doing
it at all,
and missing
the secret thrill
it brought, and brings
me every day,
may then have been the bigger sin.
the pull of mystery,
will not excite,
the way true knowledge will.
so as i think to it again,
my deeper guilt should run,
for not concluding
this affair
at much an earlier age.


  1. Very interesting poem. What have you gone to do now?

  2. I have never told, and never will. Why destroy intrigue in a poem or put the reins on your imagination? I have done anything and everything :-). So, imagine on!

  3. Is this poem also from your collection? If no then you've been busy paa :-)Kordai.

  4. I love this poem.Kept secrets.No need to let the cat out of the bag.Believe me everyone is keeping one or more.

  5. I can imagine a few things you have done, in fact I think I know... ;)

    I believe some time ago you made some confessions n'est-ce pas?

  6. I wish I had the power of
    omnipresence to just nip a look beyond these lines into time...

    very telling...


    well, imagine what would have happened if all humans could read the minds of others and see each and everyone's actions.


    but you know, YOU ARE JUST NOT ALONE.

    the poem is a celebration of truism.

  7. Kordai, It is from my old collection "Token of my Love". I wonder what you were really insinuating :-)

  8. Yes, Splashes, we are all hiding something in the closet.

  9. Yes, Novisi, I can imagine what would happen if we all had ESP to read one another's minds. Thank God for limitations.


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