Friday, April 25, 2008

The Women in Jacket-over-Friday-Wear in the City of Accra

It’s Friday again, in the City of Accra. The women, fetchingly invested, are graceful goddesses on their knees – irresistible! These days, they’re meticulously making up and wantonly working out. But that is scant reason for all the glam and glitter.

It is the maddening manner in which they do up in their fancy Friday wear. Artistic African fabric made up into creative clothing; long curvaceous, flowing skirts, missing the enchanted city floors by half a whisker. There’s the happy reason, I think.

The lengthy fluid lines, the mirage or truth of perfectly formed, longitudinal legs and the tight, girth-hugging wrap is all such amazing art. The lines cascade into open, flirtatious wings and tails; sweeping here, sweeping there, capturing the eye of the lustful looker. Solid statuesque, but the body-magic is not complete!

Each pulsating torso is beautifully bundled up in a winsome jacket in black or grey or other colours. It finds fine form and figure from flowing over well-toned arms, throbbing bulbous bust (carefully parted, here, not to hide or hold back candid cleavage), firm or rounded belly (who cares?) slim-fitting or love-handle waist, and terminates in wild imaginings around the swinging hips.

Modernity and style are running wild on Fridays, in free and flagrant femininity, in the City of Accra. Who is working is not watching. Who is watching can’t be working! So who’s watching, and who’s working? :-). Truly and honestly pleasing charm!


  1. Love it! You're handling a topic you've already discussed but from a different angle. Are you working or watching? ; )

  2. Maya, it's brilliant that you remember the post on National Friday Wear. Yes, this is from a steamier point of view :-). And, as categories go, I am a Watcher through and through! :-)

  3. I suspected as much!

  4. Your suspicion is right because I'm more open than a flimsy short skirt at the beach :-)

  5. Im watching. Im seriously watching. Indeed, how can I not watch? That makes me a non-worker, I guess. Maybe, its part of my job description.


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