Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In Jest of MUSIGA

Just one pageant probably plays per night – pick whenever – in the city of Accra. Performers pitch bruising background battles to snatch a slot in the spectacle. Fiercer flashpoints erupt everywhere when fatuous awards are arriving. Every flippant, flippety-flop figures that ‘four or five figurines will be fine for me.’ Why, then, do performers pretend to pool together with one positive purpose?


  1. we are just waiting for another musician to release "Letter to Charter House 2" and go for another Shatta Wale rant on twitter. That time is getting close

  2. Lol. such a pointless venture.

    beautiful alliteration btw. i like.

  3. Is it safe to assume your post was published before the VGMA? If so then, I'd love to read about the post-jesting drama!


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