Monday, March 24, 2014

Old Warriors and Pretty Young Wives – Pt 5 (The End)

He shadowed her around the house
Suspicious if she fed a mouse
She'd stopped him from keeping his spear
Not at home or anywhere near

She stayed young, he grew older
And the gap between them bolder
And she started to miss her husband
The one that they had cruelly canned

As she cooked he’d sit behind her
While she fanned the fire in a blur
His memories would come a-floodin’
And he’d sing his fears a-sudden

Adwoa, I’m frightened by your fanning
Eno Adwoa, what are you planning?
Is there a spear out there tonight?
Eno, will I live to see the light?


  1. This is the part where one of the kids brings up a song.
    By The Fireside Memories


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