Friday, June 21, 2013

Judgment Debts & Other Random Questions

Will Martin Amidu now go far back in history?
Will the fires stop if the petitioners win their case?
Will RLG next build houses for members of the opposition?
Will something, anything, please keep Kevin-Prince from Ghana?


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu22 June, 2013

    Kaiser Benz.....that name and his exploits will surely assure him a place in the law books of Ghana. With NDC in power i'm not too sure about the history books.

    I'm sure the "American experts" I hear have been brought in will stop the fires regardless of any court case. Thing is, has anyone laid eyes on the "experts", yet? hmm!

    RLG....who will pay for such houses? Guess they like to be close to the manager of the trough! The pigs!

    K-P! He of only World Cups fame. In for another ride! The dunces in charge are chasing. Happy coincidence! The playboy model footballer is in need of a profile boost...just like 4yrs ago!

  2. *Chuckling* You are quite the firestarter...right here in cyberspace!! Very thought-provoking questions.


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