Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You No Go Sort Me Out?

‘Chale, I dey go house wey my fuel short. Make you sort me out.’

Impetuous, inane, puerile ... thing; moulding pie with putrid hubris for filling. Demanding dough with a sense of entitlement. I stone-face him, power up the window and cruise down Spintex Road.

‘Oh, you no go sort me out?’ he barks.

He does not say ‘please’ once. In my rear-view mirror, he’s already trudging up Spintex Road.


  1. Damn! Well written, but wouldn't want to be caught in a "dissing" match with you!

    1. I'm sorry, but too many young people do not say 'please' (and in my personal experience, it is the boys mostly).

  2. Imagine that. I experienced this two years ago. Gave the elderly man GHC5 and he did not even say Thank you! He acted as if it was my duty.


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