Friday, March 1, 2013

No More Ice Cream in the City of Accra

There is no AC/DC in the city of Accra. Electrons don’t crackle through our coils. There is no mint chocolate chip, lemon custard, raspberry ripple. No strawberry or vanilla. It’s difficult to know who to electrocute with ten thousand volts of blame (if you can find one volt, that is). Our city is hot and chock-full with hordes of idiots. Bubble gum, pistachio almond, blueberry cheesecake, egg nog, daiquiri ice, Neapolitan! There’s no frigging frost in your Frigidaire to keep the ‘ice’ gellid in your ‘cream’.


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu02 March, 2013

    Woes of a middle income country. Funny. Not!

    1. Well yes, except we are dealing with a euphemism for a huge problem we have in the country. Offices and industries are feeling the pinch of erratic power supply.

  2. You are a very poignant writer. Beautiful & powerful voice.


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