Monday, March 4, 2013


I do it in private, not caring that it’s become a scorned ex-lover since the 1950s. On Saturdays, after Colgate and Listerine, I pull out a hard, light, chewable, juice-releasing stick of Tweapea, and sweep its budding bitterness over every milky spot of enamel. The flavouring flourishes into a fine, addictive tang. And teeth have never stood with more integrity after such tender care.


  1. Now.. after Oral-B and Listerine, I too will allow myself to experience this fine addictive tang. :-) Good one Nana Yaw.

    1. Thanks, Enyonam. Try it - it is a liberating thing.

  2. you mean liberating spitting fit?

  3. OMG, just started reading your blog and it is amazing! I love the way you write, I can almost see the images jumping off the screen....inspired and challenged, can't wait for more


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