Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogcamp about Tilapia

Nobody can regale you with the savoury story of how to 'tooth' the char-grilled flesh off the skeletal frame of the Piscean, Tilapia, better than a Ghanaian/Ghana-resident. That’s why I blog; I know the pulse of Ghana; I sing her song.

Blogcamp 12 was a platter of soft-cooked Banku with devilish dollops of sweet pepper, shito and Kpakpo, and a greasy pound of queen tilapia tiara’ed with tomatoes and golden onions. A palette of pleasant people; soul-stirring storytellers looking for an audience with eager palates.

So what will 13 be like? Come Saturday, come hungry for fun.


  1. Sweet. Good luck all of you at Blogcamp.

  2. Perhaps some jolloff??

    1. Raine, there was Jollof at BlogCamp 13 and so much more.

  3. Perhaps some jolloff?


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