Saturday, March 24, 2012

Five Favourite Forget-Me-Nots

Grandfather's Old Law Book

The ancient, no, Jurassic, Jurisprudence book that belonged to my grandfather. He’d wanted to a lawyer. He abandoned school with eyesight problems and a thirst to enter politics against an evolving dictator at the time. He became a magistrate, but never a lawyer. When I pick that book, he speaks to me. He starts, “Panyin Senior Brother.” That’s what he called me. He's smiling down at me right now.

Varicoloured, Old Bed Sheet

The many-motif strip of cloth my mother gave to me in ’98, when I was going to the university. It saw tears and wet dreams for coquettish college girls and served me well in my law-limited sleep. I keep it as a cover cloth now, and it will never retire from my bed.

Bold, Blue Bath Bucket

Ten-litre pail with a lovely black handle. Faithful companion when the showers turned traitor. Now benched as a laundry boy, it’s still not too little to give me a quick body dousing.

Blue, Plastic-Strap Swatch from Primary School

My first Swatch, and mother of many more. I can’t say it rendered me precise, but it was a long-lasting friendship.

Black, Sleek, Scientific Calculator

Daddy bought this gizmo months after we “broke the neck of this Apartheid” in South Africa. He bought it in Johannesburg. It was seventy-something Rands. A long-distance cousin I only saw once visited for three hours. He must have arrived back in Koforidua with a new toy.


  1. I've read a previous post on your treasured old law book. Maybe you posted a picture of it too because somehow, I have an image of it in my mind. I probably made it up.

    Eeeeewww @ the bedsheet. LoL

    Do you still have your swatch? My first was a Timex and I loved it more after I lost it.

    1. We have one thing in common. If it's not a Swatch for me, it has to be a Timex.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu27 March, 2012

    Treasured items and memories. Nice.

    1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu27 March, 2012

      I kept a well rounded pillow for years....F3 to Final Yr Uni. Not a good idea.

  3. Mine was a nice shawl from my granny. I love the warm feeling during cold season and it's satin like texture, feels good on skin.

  4. still have my sheets from my secondary school days and 10years later its still serving me well as a 1st year student at the law faculty


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