Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Village Fool Lives Long

Years ago, while crawling back to this smothering city from a country cruise, my team mates and I gained on a hamlet as the day lit out. The family was back from breaking rocks, bones, pods, grounds or whatever hard work they did. The evening feast had been finger-licked. Father and mothers, siblings, dogs, cats and birds huddled together in a close circle to ululate an uncouth song. The father fooled, frolicked and tripped the light fantastic in the middle. The women and children egged him on. Stress almost kayoed me today at work, and I remembered that simple, solid scene.


  1. So be a village fool some times

  2. Forgotten how much I liked your writing. Loved shoes from the loo as well.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu03 February, 2012

    Most times the less you have the happier you are .....until you fall ill and can't go to the hospital, that is. Life...hmmm

  4. Amazing how simple life can be. The village is great but you can experience this by spending a day with a fisherman in chorkor, listen to a shoe shine boys daily encounters, or best of all a watchman after his shift......


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