Monday, February 13, 2012

Delivery Boy

Go embalm your still-born face in a cadaver fridge. When I showered you with a healthy tip, your fetid face fluoresced to life. I spoilt you just to prove to you that you are a slave.

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  1. not nice... (in reference to the whoever "I" is...)

    1. yeh, the "i" is the author. can we talk about this? maybe you have misunderstood the post, maybe you have not. the boy is a slave not because he is a delivery boy. he is a slave of money!

  2. He would do anything for it, huh! lol

  3. lol embalming in a cadaver fridge? I don't think it works that way :P None-the-less, OUCH to the poor delivery boy. I wonder, is there ANYONE who isn't a slave to something? Love, money, sex, drugs....there's always something that reels us in :(

  4. I really believe in giving, just because... regardless of whether the poor dude is trying to make ends meet or whether he is a slave to money. On a political level, international donors capitalize on our leaders' greed tendencies, as our leaders screw us over for money to line their own pockets. Even on that scenario, it's still not 'nice', but who plays nice in politics?
    It's a sensitive topic hence the ramble!


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