Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Despicable Thing At Opeibea House

An urchin scampered from car to car at the Opeibea House intersection. That is where an ex-president's car turned cartwheels when it was crossed by a 'drunken' man. The boy would touch his nostrils to each car window and mist it up as if to disgust the driver to give him coinage quickly and make him evaporate. A driver of a tiny box-car swept him away by throwing the door open. Three times he did this. Each time, the lad pushed it back shut. If you insult him by treating him like dirt, don't be surprised at what he will grow into.

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  1. Some people have no compassion whatsoever! I understand panhandlers can be a nuisance at times but seeing as its almost Christmas and in the spirit of giving, how about some change for the kid or a simple no, I don't have any money today, sorry???

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu22 December, 2011

    Basically the state should be making an effort for the poor souls. They and all those unemployed graduates plus those unemployable students are a serious security threat.

  3. Security threat? I think we, who are with with jobs are threats to them too hehehe


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