Monday, December 12, 2011

Assad, Gingrich and Other Random Questions

Has the EU ever needed Britain?
Should Iran give back the border-breaching drone?
Shouldn't we put an assassin on Assad?
Why did they allow Gingrich to rise again?


  1. Some tough questions. Regarding Britain and their veto on EU rescue policy, it's just showboating. They need EU's market to operate. They've only jeopardised to some extent their relations with France and Germany.

    On Iran, I wonder what Obama meant by 'return our drone'. That's a questioni I expect Bush to ask. It's stupid. What was it doing there in the first place.

    Assad? That'd be something akin to Gaddafi and I wouldn't want to repeat.

    Gingrich, I haven't read much.

    I expected you to add 'Should Pakistan allow NATO on their soil?'

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu13 December, 2011

    The question should have been: Does the UK need the EU. Not really...especially as the euro is quite dead. Some distance now needed to reduce the risk to the pound.

    Obama is basically going by the playbook for initiating military ops in the future. Which is: escalate from a low base, all the while making the Iranians look unreasonable.

    Assad is going to Ghaddafi.

    Gingrich is just a sign of GOP desperation. Obama is winning anyway, so no fears. Pity Gingrich is destroying what little reputation he has by attempting to more right wing than the actual right wingers.


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