Saturday, October 15, 2011


My 900th blog post. Every 100 have been a pleasure, though the 800s have been difficult. I promise to rededicate myself to this blog and all you readers who give me feedback: encouragement, criticism, flattery. Keep them all coming (especially the flattery ;) oh yeah). Many thanks for being so great.

P.s. Happy birthday to my sister, Thelma. Enjoy Kenya and bring me  a lion's tooth. Love loads.


  1. yay 900!
    You got me hooked.

    Happy b'day Sis Thelma! Wait for me in Kenya. We'll wrestle lions together. [the tooth will be my akonta dues]

  2. Great great great. Blogging is such a difficult activity. I am not half way through your milestone.

  3. 900 is something to celebrate!!! Mazel tov!!

  4. Congratulations! Where the party @? :)

  5. Many thanks, everybody. There was no party :(


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