Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Man in Black (and Yawning Yellow)

Fifty-plus-old man; beating the motionless morning motorcade a pieds on the Kanda kerb. Oh, his shiny black shirt tucked into yawning yellow trousers; spotless black shoes (if you don't count a splodge of fade on 'pension' patent leather); sun-blocking black hat; reflective black sunglasses; oh, the meddling, messy sweat rivulet drifting down his right leg. He made the morning smile.

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  1. haha... the unintentional pimp look:-)

  2. lol... these pensioners can 'dress'.

  3. @ yeh:

    That thought crossed my mind only about 50 times as he walked away :-)

  4. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    Yes. 'They' can also sweat! :p


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