Friday, September 9, 2011

Damsel Twice Distressed

Last Tuesday at ten pm, a woman's Seat 'something' sedan struck a sudden flame which snarled to scorch the car to cinders. Other cars stopped to help; no less than twelve counted I. The guy who 'kerbed' his Land Rover first, and brought out a fire extinguisher (kind man, bless his heart) would not accept anything more than her thanks. Except for the price of his extinguisher- thirty Ghana Cedis! Who asked him to help?

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  1. Exactly!
    Thought he 'would not accept anything'?

  2. Danger invites rescue. The emergency begets the man. The cry of distress is the summons to relief. The victim expects to be assisted, but should have it in contemplation that not all Samaritans are philanthropic! Some are looking to make a cool buck or two.

  3. Was there any other way damsel could have made the flames disappear? If not, SHE should gladly replace the man's extinguisher & have his clothes dry-cleaned too. She probably still wins anyway, with or without auto insurance.

  4. Yeah, although his asking spoils the soup a bit, she should gladly pay for it like Think-About-It said. Perhaps, the car is not his and he would have to replace the extinguisher if she didn't...


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