Saturday, July 23, 2011


Some punk pupils in a school couldn't wrap their sappy minds around the basic syllabus because (they claimed) three female teachers  distressingly did up in mind-numbing miniskirts and devastating dresses. The ‘roused’ ‘pubescents’ posted a letter to the principal dictating that the ‘cheesecake’ cease or they'd strip the teachers naked! Then, the cops came in. Do (don’t) the teachers need a talking?


  1. No taking sides from me. The striptease (if true) must cease and kids should learn some respect and not go threatening to assault adults (and other kids) sexually or otherwise.

  2. @Devlin, whilst we are at it, we should know that no matter what, the classroom is not a fashion parade where the fashionistas parade their new collections. Besides, we have often lied to ourselves that it is the viewer's fault if he/she is affected by another's dressing.

    Every type of dress has its use. You don't go to war wearing miniskirts and teachers shouldn't also come to class in it.

  3. Students could have issued their first complaint without including a threat. Teachers should be disciplined, but not in a physical way---and not by students. it isn't the viewer's "fault'if he/she is affected by another's dressing. But if the viewer touches, strips, or molests the poorly dressed does become the viewer's fault.

  4. @ Devlin:

    i agree 100% with you.

  5. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    you seem to edge ever so slightly onto the side of the pupils... isn't that dangerous too? maybe we should chastise the teachers but not let the pupils think they can give ultimatums and take the law into their own hands if the wheels of 'justice' turn too slowly for their liking.

  6. @ altheakale:

    well said. i have nothing useful to add.


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