Monday, July 4, 2011

Rough Riders In The City Of Accra

No bulging bags after six pm. Really wretched riders will ooze out of the lessening light with scimitars and lurch for your wrist or jugular. Delayed submission leads to loathsome laceration. Best give up the sac and ask if they don't require the padded wallet and matching shoes as well.

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  1. Anonymous05 July, 2011

    When I got robbed at gunpoint, I willing gave my bag to the somewhat nervous, middle-aged man with plump belly waving the gun around. He thought he was getting a laptop. All he got was a Thomas Merton Christian theology book. What was he going to do with that? Read it?! As he jumped over the gutter and fell in with water up to his waist, I played a risk and laughed and insulted him as he scuttled away. A younger, more focused guy and I would have been scared.

  2. lol. I would freely offer it.

    @Grahamghana... that's so funny. I would love to see his disappointment.

  3. sorry, grahamghana. my office mate was robbed right in front of the building last monday. they tried to hurt him and then changed their minds. we strongly believe he avoided the hospital because he was in a suit! imagine the rubbish (good he was let off, but ridiculous reason, meaning he would have landed in the surgery if he had been in jeans).


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