Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Look at That Happy Face!!!

This is my friend (for five minutes) Yaw. I saw him in front of my parents' house at Achimota while visiting. I saw this amazing shine in Yaw's face and politely asked him if I could take his pic. He jumped at it.

He was eating cooked beans in a polythene bag...with so much ecstasy on his face. I asked him to show me how he ate it and he sucked it lovingly out of the bag.

When I thought I had taken the second (and final) picture, he demanded that I take another.This (above) is his own chosen pose.

He chose this one too. Oh 'mehhhhn' the happiness on his face! Sadly, when Yaw was gone, I was told that he had a 'mental condition' but was going/growing untreated.

I thought of how many of us 'ghost' around our worlds unhappy with all the blessings that we have. In five minutes, Yaw showed me how much he already had of the commodity so many chase without success.


  1. My favorite is the last picture. Funny kid.

  2. The glee on his little face is so beautiful,one would never know the darkness that lurks behind.

    Look at him, so happy to show off poses :-)

  3. Adwoah Serwah21 July, 2011

    I luv his poses. ooooww.... really wish i could help him. what a world we live in. it's sad!

  4. Hei.. your friend would see it with a different eye and starts complaining 'instead of healing the sick you are snapping them'. lol.... you know who.

  5. Wow!
    I think I have tears in my eyes.....

  6. @ Raine:

    yes, he acquires some swagger in the last pic...

  7. @ lucci:

    we spent all of five mins, and he looked and sounded very regular. i'm visiting achimota this sunday. i hope to see yaw again. :-)

  8. @ Adwoah Serwah:

    i am positive the world is happy to have one more person (you) with such a good heart...tilts the balance in favour of good a little...

  9. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    surely, i would hope not. he was not hungry...and the phone did really make him smile...

  10. @ Anita:

    tears in your eyes, huh? so did i then, and so do i now as i write this.


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