Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hunger Strike, Dumber Strike

Ah! Some grieving group of teachers strafed their stomachs with a hunger strike in protest against the belly-full leaders of yet another teachers’ association. Such benighted belittling of that wonderful political tool! I have scarcely heard of a dumber strike. (Be sure to listen to the ridiculous audio here).

No sooner had their sham stomach shutdown started than they quelled it questionably by crouching behind a court order (obtained by the police) restraining them from the hunger strike. Confused? So am I. They’re simply saying in order to be law-abiding citizens, they’ll go back to eating. That’s male-cattle excrement.


  1. LOL...everyone is hungry. They're not serious anyway..

  2. The audio is funny! Surely the efficacy of this political tool only warrants a "duh" answer!. Same goes for sex strikes!

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu17 July, 2011

    Guess they knew any deaths resulting from the strike will be stupid. It also shows a lack of conviction. lolz. Lose-Lose in effect for the strikers.


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