Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday Hangouts in the City of Accra

Not surprising. The traffic circle near the Accra Mall was jammed. Packed thick with cars. 4 lanes of cars in a two-lane way. All were going into the Mall. Most did not make it. The Mall was already full of herds. On a public holiday, there is nowhere to go. They all throng the beaches or the Mall. Oh, the Mall was a pen or sty.

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  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu03 July, 2011

    With imagination, maybe people will have some place to go. Like their villages? lol.

  2. It really is pathetic. There is hardly anything to do in the Accra 'township'.

  3. kwame, great idea. though these should be consigned (i think) to multiple-day holidays and not the one-day rest day.

  4. kfc, 'township' is sharp (but candid).

  5. The problem is in Ghana when we think a bout building structures we don't think about parking spaces for the estimated number of visitors who may come with their own cars.


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