Sunday, July 31, 2011

Disappearing Drug

Village thug peacocks his way down an ill-lit path silently daring ghosts and sleeping villagers to come wrestle with him. He believes he wields the power to disappear into thin air. Two members of a rival gang un-fade from the darkness to menace him. Village Thug derides them and tries to evaporate, but the drug or divinity or hoodoo does not work. They wring his neck until he dies. I saw this last night in a Nigerian movie and laughed myself senseless. Disappearing drug, huh!

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  1. I saw a similar scene about being impermeable to knives/swords. Jokers!

  2. Ayera aduru... lol. They vanish like that.

  3. @ Etoile Oye:

    What would you say if I told you that I'd seen a man who simply could not be stabbed? :-)

  4. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    Have you seen in happen? Do you believe in it?


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