Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Runaway Music Scene in the City of Accra

Amazing - the way new acts drop (not so) tight tracks and (quasi) vibrant videos every week. The beats are not fresh or the lyrics crisp. The style is neo-Naija (commercially cranked up) and the themes are horse carcasses being flogged flagrantly over and over again. It is like chasing smoke trying to keep up, and you cannot help but think those who popped up 5 to 10 years ago got the cheese.

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  1. (at the risk of sounding unintelligible) I must confess, I am a true sucker for Ghanaian music... I guess one could call it lack of better judgement, but music is a lot about just feeling -
    ps. hahahha... I like your paraphrasing of "beating a dead horse!"

  2. There is hardly any creativity in their music. If you listen to them being interviewed you would wonder if they have managers at all. All the songs is about wanting to do something to some lady/girl. And the videos are all about some group of ladies shaking their bums. The few who exhibited some signs of creativity are no more. that's why we get one star per day...

  3. Yeh, Ghanaian music is good. But the beats and lyrics have been better (and worse) :p

  4. Nana Fredua-Agyeman, I agree that the sex (cliche) theme (sometimes camouflaged as love)is the biggest fact in the death of Ghanaian music.


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