Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ciga-Rette The Ogre (Part 6 - Final)

She turned this way, she turned that way
But, help, it did not come
She was too scared to stop and pray
Her heart beat like a drum

She worked her way to a corner
Half-willed it all to end
She wondered how they would mourn her
As she saw a paw descend

It picked her up like a pillow
And squeezed her with its claws
Bones snapped and cracked like a willow
And open came its jaws

Before Ciga-Rette could kill her
A mouse crawled 'cross its feet
It dumped her and fled like a spur
So Dora death did cheat


  1. Now I get it, nevertheless how was I supposed to get that as a kid?

    Thanks Nana for clearing it all up. Beautiful written

  2. Meaning to get it I would have to revisit the first five? okay would do so

  3. Hahahaha. Big Bad Scared-y Giant!

  4. Pearlsa, thanks. Yeah I wonder how kids are supposed to get a real lesson. But it is the same with fairy tales.

  5. Nana Fredua-Agyeman, yes, you have to read the first five ;-)

  6. Tetekai, yes, I had to find a twist at the end. You must know that in the original, Dora's head is ripped off.

  7. uhm, sheer genius! love it!


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