Friday, June 24, 2011

Archery, Shaggery & Other Olympic Sports

My mates and I are having demented delight at Honeysuckle Pub. I offer that Chaskele is the greatest sport in the world and should make the olympics list. Kelvin and Kiz counter it should be shaggery. Males of country A versus females of country B. We all join the imaginary Ghana Males team and quickly choose Venezuela as our first opponent and line up Costa Rica, Colombia and Uganda on the way to the final (a pity Ghana Males cannot meet Ghana Females) Lovely Friday evening.

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  1. If we happen to meet Uruguay, will we be Ok with them using their hands this time?
    I'm just wondering.

  2. An interesting game this would be. Would there be rules...?

  3. Think-About-It, we would play Uruguay so long as it's our men against their women. And yes, I guess all body parts are legit.

  4. Nana Fredua-Agyeman, yes there would be rules, though I doubt they have been codified yet.

  5. Anonymous18 July, 2011

    Ha! Been chuckling at your blog for a while but had to laugh at this one. I'll volunteer for the team...


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