Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mladic, Oprah & Other Random Questions.

Did Ratko Mladic think he'd go scot-free?
Will Africa see another war in Sudan?
Isn't Obama one of the best presidents already?
Will the world really miss Oprah?


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    1. They always think they will
    2. The potential certainly exists
    3. Not quite
    4. Nope, I certainly won't in any case.

  2. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    - I bet you he did, at least in this life
    - I hope not, but if it did the West wouldn't care either way and we Africans will sit and twist our fingers in distress and impotence.
    - Depends on the definition of 'best' or who you ask
    - They'll certainly miss out on a chance to get a free car.

  3. 1. most sociopaths do
    2. hope not, but yes
    3. yep. Mr. Obama's one of the best
    4. Is Oprah going somewhere?

  4. - He probably did!
    - I hope not, too much bloodshed...
    - He seems like a good person; as a president prolly not the best, but he definitely gained huge points and much respect ater Osama!
    - hahaha @ altheakale. I couldn't care less... but I believe I deviate from the norm.

  5. Anonymous27 May, 2011

    1. Yeah, I guess he thought so
    2. I'm praying and fasting that it doesn't happen
    3. Obama? Don't think he's the best
    4. Oprah who?

  6. Don't really know much about everything else but I do know about Oprah (what can I say? I'm a woman). Thought everybody loved Oprah.
    Here's something I copied from a friend's Facebook status:

    Wife: it's sad the Oprah Winfrey show is coming to an end.
    Husband: huh? Who is that?
    wife: what? Don't you know Oprah? Oprah Winfrey?
    Flabbergasted Husband: Baby? Does she know me?
    Totally upset Wife: what? George you are impossible, arrogant and full of yourself!!!
    Enraged husband: and who should I be full of? Your Opera Winifred? Tell her to get a real job...whats ur problem? You don't even listen to Opera music?

    I guess that's how most guys feel about Oprah.

  7. Killers would always be brought to book either through the law courts or by life itself. Their end is always miserable. I remember seeing the frail images of Augusto Pinoche. What about Foday Sanko? But so would the end of those who sit in their impregnable castles and in the name of democracy and military strength order killings in other countries and are not brought to book because they are more than the laws. this latter even includes Obama. And Bush. And Blair. And all the past ones too.

    Sudan is a time bomb. I thought after voting for secession all would end? When would the borders be demarcate, officially? Why are the South, whom we thought were peaceful, trying to fight amongst themselves? Greed? Selfishness? or what?

    Obawho? To me no president is great if he chooses war to create peace. Countries whose growth is positively correlated with the volume of death machines they produce and sell is not one you could describe as positively great. Sometimes we forget that someone's comfort is paid for by another's gushing blood. Obama may be good in other areas. But the problem isn't about the presidency, it's about the policies. Of using force in everything they do and everywhere they want to. A universal military? A universal autocracy? they who decide who to be president?

    Oprah? Well, I am not missing her. What for? For crying on TV? Most people who had read some of my literary articles know how I feel about her. Or about people who make commerce with crying. She's come thus far, but personally, there are more people my heart want to miss. And she has no place.

    Any more?

  8. 1. Not when he had it all. Power & arrogance have a way of making you feel above everything & everyone. Heck, he compared himself to God!
    2. Sad, but yes. Sudan's position on the map is of interest to anyone that wants to own Libya & Saudi Arabia but can't. Sudan's instability will be the opportunity needed for anyone to get in there .
    3. I like Obama and his work pre- white house but he could be a better president. One that doesnt buy into violence as the 1st option to all issues with foreign countries. The US must be successful by any means necessary so I doubt that there will ever be a US president that cares about non-amreicans. A US president that respects the lives of other nationals is one that I will hail as the best president.
    4. Ofrah! nah, we wont miss Ofrah. She wont be gone for long. She loves the spotlight.


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