Monday, May 30, 2011

Ciga-Rette The Ogre (Part 4)

Two steps and crouch, three crawls and dart
She snailed the long way home
The clouds wouldn't come slight apart
No light - not cream or chrome

She felt a presence behind her
Each time she turned to look
Not leaf nor breeze nor pall did stir
Although the ground, it shook

It was all more than she could bear
Her little heart did flee
Her legs carried her in a blur
Behind her charged a scree

She was sudd'ly among each street
And alley way she knew
Above the roofs, she saw huge feet
A giant came vaulting through


  1. I really like this. But I don't remember it. What language was the original in? Could you please jog my memory a little?

  2. My sentiments exactly... I have absolutely no recollection of this song/story, which makes me think i missed out on some poetic disciplinary message growing up. I like this... I think Dora represents the endearing deviant in all of us... :-)

  3. Oye, what I'm putting here in poetry was originally just a bedtime story in Twi/Fanti. Simple story. A mean monster haunts the town at night, so adult goes out and no child is permitted. Dora sneaks out to a concert/dance/party and sleeps. When she wakes up, everybody is gone. She has to tread the long way home alone with fear...Can't say the end for now or I will wreck my narrative.

  4. Yeh, this is a story. It is in Twi/Fanti and told in prose. So you will not remember poetry - that's my rendition. So you may not have missed any local poetry growing up. There is a song at the climax of the original story when things come literally to 'a head'. I will try and incorporate parts of the song in the next part.

  5. Thanks, Nana Yaw, I will wait and see if the end and the song will jog my memory. :) I like your rendition.

  6. Etoile Oye, thank you. My friend, Kissi, has provided the lyrics of the song in the comments section of Part 5. Do check it out, please.


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